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Yarm High Street


15 Mayes Walk,
TS15 9TU

15th March 2011

Stockton Borough Council
Municipal Buildings

For the attention of Mr W Trewick

Dear Sirs,

Further to our telephone conversation of today’s date.    In regard to the emergency entrance created where the police station stood I note that you have to give site lines to the right and provide easy access to High Church Mews Flats and yellow lines will be required on the east side and over the access into the old police station development.   

Yarm and Willie Flatts Residents Association therefore requests that from and including the west side of the police station development to the beginning of the footpath in West Street be available for parking and the present yellow lines removed.   This will allow more parking for residents.

Would you also keep in mind that residents of  West End Garden  have requested the introduction of yellow lines at the access point on the east side and  on the north side in front of the wall of the first house that has  its entrance off Bridge Street.   They also request yellow lines on the west side of the access then slightly left to cover the bend where vehicles park and obstruct.

Atlas Wynd and Castledyke Wynd also request the extension of the proposed lines to prevent further obstruction to their private car parking spaces and accesses.

Once again thanking you for the changes you have agreed to the original plan and for being mindful of agreeing to the above.


Yours faithfully,
Marjorie Simpson

Chairman, Yarm and Willie Flatts Residents Association

Yarm Off Street Parking


15 Mayes Walk
TS15 9TU


8TH January, 2010

Mr David Bond
Law and Democracy
Stockton Borough Council
Municipal Buildings
Church Road

Dear Mr Bond,

Reference Yarm off street parking consultation.

We do not think that Yarm residents have been given enough consideration when the proposals for removing 70 parking spaces have been agreed by officers.

Bentley Wynd residents who do not have a drive have always relied on the area in front of Snaiths Field for parking.    It is hoped that they can continue to use this area which we hope will be behind the proposed lines.   

The Old Market.  Whilst some residents will welcome the introduction of lines the cottages on the North side will be greatly inconvenienced as some of these dwellings do not have off road parking.

West Street   Houses between the Viaduct and Fellowship Hall do have steep drives which in winter months become weather bound and there is a need for parking on the road.

High Church Wynd    The proposals will only leave four parking spaces for approximately 30 dwellings and will certainly cause enormous problems for these residents.  It would therefore be helpful if parking could be agreed to continue on the South side up to West Street.

The Wynd is used by non residents as a “Rat Run”  into other roads.   We would respectfully ask that consideration be given to erection of a sign “Access for residents of High Church Wynd only”.   This would most certainly be in keeping with Health and Safety issues as pedestrians frequently use The Wynd to and from the High Street.

West End Gardens  have over the years been inundated with parking obstruction by inconsiderate people parking on both sides of the small close making it impossible to egress their drives.    They have asked that consideration be given to lining both sides of the access.    It is likely with the reduction of car parking spaces that this issue could become even worse.

Bridge Street     Most of these suggestions will be endorsed by residents but there are still a small number of residents here who do not have a drive and parking facilities.

If these proposals go ahead could we please ask for Residents Parking Permits to be introduced to coincide with the introduction of this scheme.


Yours sincerely,


Yarm and Willie Flatts Residents Association

Yarm High Street - A Letter to the Press


15th January, 2011


The Editor
Darlington and Stockton Times

Dear Sir,

Reference letters “Don’t ruin High Street” and “Council’s Parking Proposals" that appeared in your newspaper in January 2011...

I am concerned that Mr Chatburn as a newcomer to the area thinks that he will be able to cure all ills of the town of Yarm.  Our present council representatives have supported the introduction of Yarm Parking Proposals without any thought for the unfortunate people of Yarm who do not have private parking attached to their dwellings. They had so many opportunities to oppose the proposals but refrained from doing so.   After a flawed consultation in 2009 SBC officers would consult with our councillors and usually they adhere to our representative’s views. Cabinet November 2009 mentioned the proposals and a further meeting in May 2010 where charging was mentioned no comment came from our councillor who was present.     All three councillors were given the final details by SBC Officers on 1 August 2010.    It would have been so easy for them to inform residents in their monthly “Gossip” column or in a post general election leaflet but they chose to deprive residents of this important issue. 

Yarm Independent Association informed residents in Yarm centre in November of a December consultation and again in January after SBC had rearranged the date.    After complaints were received by SBC our cabinet member, on 16 December, decided to vote with caution.   The Yarm Parking Proposal was discussed and she wanted the wording changed and was minuted as voting against 11,12,13 and 14 but at a full council meeting on 19th January announced that the minute was incorrect that she had supported 11 but was against 12,13,14 because they contained the name of Yarm.     Strange as even without the name of Yarm it was about Yarm Parking Proposal.      I would also like to bring to your attention that as the Cabinet minutes contained a report on Yarm Parking Proposals our councillors could and should  have spoken up for the people of Yarm but to my amazement they did not.

I, therefore, do find it somewhat odd that a new candidate should try to make capital out of a scheme that his own party has clearly supported.  I also feel that he should be reminded that the council introducing these charges is Conservative led and so obviously our councillors must have known all along about the introduction of charges, but chose to remain silent. So please, let’s have a bit of openness and honesty.

Yours faithfully

15 Mayes Walk,

Yarm High Street

Yarm High Street
Photo Copyright D Thomas - Sandaz Jomes Images 2007

Although there is an enormous car park in Yarm High Street we have often thought that although there is an abundance of motor cars there does not seem to be an abundance of people walking on the High Street.     Shops are not full although Boyes do have more customers than other shops but even they are not bulging at the seams with customers.

YIA decided to test the water and investigated available car parking at the rear of premises.     Strickland and Holt appear to have mainly staff parking with very few customer car parking spaces.    Behind The Hide is always full and we are told this is mainly shop staff.    There is also an enormous private car parking site in this area that is greatly under used.     Surely with some persuasion this huge area could be redesigned for a long stay area which would still leave enough space for residents parking.

The free all day parking areas (residents parking) at each end of the High Street are usually taken by business staff before 8am.   There was a move by the Chamber of Trade to cancel residents parking and have it included in the two hour parking zone.   YIA would never have agreed to this happening as residents should be allowed to have some parking area which is still at a premium.  We are also aware that when residents leave early morning they are sometimes unable to park in the all day parking area until 6pm.   Parking your car as a resident is a ritual that takes place each evening they do not have the pleasure of a private drive which most business people will return home to.

The Chamber of Trade would like to have three hour parking to serve those people who come into Yarm to shop, lunch and maybe visit the hairdressers.
YIA councillors ( Chris Neil and Marjorie Simpson) visited Stockton Borough Council Officers in March 2009 to discuss various aspects of parking in Yarm.
Officers were not keen to  implement the three hour parking as a consultation of Yarm residents had shown that a large percentage of those consulted were not in favour of this option..     We asked for a trial run of three months but officers were not willing to waste council taxpayers money on expensive traffic orders and cancellations.    Latterly our new MP is saying that he has arranged for the three hour parking to take place but unfortunately he spoke to those who were unable to deliver from a political perspective.

Heavy Goods Vehicle travelling through Yarm has been a hobby horse of one of our councillors for some years.  In past surveys beginning 1976  a 12 hour traffic flow was 15000 of which 1941 was HGVs.  In 2007 12hr traffic flow was 16621 of which 311 were HGVs.   An origin and destination survey undertaken during 2009 showed that there was a total of 129  HGVs accessing Yarm High Street from  the north or south during the survey 98 (76% ) required legitimate access to the central Yarm area, and therefore would be exempt   from any subsequent weight  restrictions were it to be implemented.  The remaining 31 vehicles (24%) therefore utilised Yarm High Street as a through route over the nine hour survey.
In Jan 2009 Total HGVs in a 12 hr flow was 157 and from previous figures most of these would be genuine access vehicles..

The police have been consulted regarding the possible introduction of an environmental weight restriction on  Yarm High Street.   They have confirmed that it would place an unreasonably large enforcement burden on their staffing resources due to the high percentage of vehicles requiring genuine access.   It is therefore recommended not to process a weight restriction on Yarm High Street

Although we have not had complaints from residents we are told that HGVs pass through Yarm after midnight in convoy and disturb residents.   If this is a problem please let us know..

Crime in Yarm

All crime figures over the years have shown that Yarm has a very low crime rate and when compared with say Stockton Centre we do not have a problem.    Yet local councillors are trying to say differently making an excuse of CCTV/   If Stockton Borough Council and the police really want Yarm to have CCTV then we think they should pay for it and not expect a small Town Council to pay large amounts out to save police time or even give the impression that Yarm is an area where there are Dodge City pursuits on a regular basis.

You will note Chris Neil’s comment on the home page stating that late night drinking should never have taken place in Yarm.   The Licensing Committee should have heeded the advice of the police to have all pubs and clubs close at 12 midnight.     Landlords are particular about their clientele and employ doormen to ensure their establishments meet the criteria required to maintain their  untarnished reputation whilst ensuring that all bandits are suitably censored and unable to gain further access.


Yarm High Street Refurbishment

SBC Officers were persuaded by Marjorie to search for funding for new footpaths, trees and lamp standards for the High Street.  At the beginning of 2005 an amount of  £57000 was made available for this project from various funding sources.  However, after May 2005 it was reported that this funding was no longer available to Yarm.  The last that was heard by the Town Council was that efforts would be made by SBC officers to reapply and hopefully this will come to fruition in line with the refurbishment of the Town Hall.